We are often asked, whilst standing outside Lipizzaner Lodge, with views to beautiful mountains and forests, surrounded by lush green countryside with biking & hiking tracks leading off in every direction, why we decided to live in Slovenia! Very few people know anything about Slovenia, or could even find the most beautiful country in Europe on the map! So we created this page to explain just a few reasons why you should visit Green Slovenia!

  • Slovenia is the biggest nature adventure park in Europe..
  • 13 times bigger than London with just a quarter of the people.
  • Yet so small, you can drive across in less than 2 hours.
  • So many micro climates, where the terrain or weather changes within just a few km.
  • Europe's third most forested country and the oldest forest on the continent.
  • Three Alpine ranges and mountains everywhere.
  • Crystal clear rivers and Europe's most beautiful river, the Soća.
  • Lakes that make you think you are in Italy or Switzerland.
  • Home to the unique Lipizzaner horse, visit the show at Lipica..
  • The most fantastic & most visited caves in the world.
  • Resting place of the last French king.
  • 7 different wine regions producing completely different wine in each.
  • Pretty Venetian seaside towns beside the Adriatic sea.
  • Smallest and cutest capital city in Europe, Ljubljana.
  • Largest disappearing lake in Europe, Cerknica.
  • Hidden sleepy villages on top of mountains and at the bottom of valleys..
  • Fantastic mini museums all over the place.
  • Home to Slovenia's own Robin Hood legend, Martin Kirpan..
  • Huge Slovenian timbers were used to build the foundations of Venice.
  • More castles than Wales.
  • Predjama castle, the most unique & beautifully located castle in the world.
  • Bursting with hiking, biking and riding tracks everywhere you go..
  • Oldest discovered musical instrument in the world, 60,000 years old.
  • Secret cheese making villages on top of mountain plateaus.
  • Gorgeous gorges, wonderful waterfalls..
  • Largest stone bridge in the world.
  • Tragic scene of the largest mountain battle ever, wiping out over 1 million soldiers in WW1.
  • Delicious choice of food, influenced by neighbours Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.
  • Dragons sleeping in underground caves...
  • A different local festival somewhere every weekend..
  • First ever Vampire story written by the owner of yet another amazing castle to visit at Bogensperk
  • Biggest casino in Europe.
  • Bubbling with hot natural thermal spas..
  • Our own Jerusalem, so named for it's beauty by returning Crusaders.
  • Ancient battlefields trodden by Argonauts, Venetians, Romans, Ottomans & Napoleon's armies.
  • Remains of a 2 million year old Volcano.
  • More shades of green than you could ever imagine..

So now you can visit Green Slovenia See you real soon!

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