Whether you want to go for a short walk, jog, or just go off and hike all day, Slovenia has the trail for you!
Our village of Landol is surrounded by a network of country tracks and old stone roads which were originally built for the local people to get to their landholdings or forests, but are now perfectly accessible for everyone and right on our doorstep! You can see our growing list of local walks below!

These routes are peppered with vegetable gardens, wood stores, bee hives and pretty much anything else that can grow! They are a real joy to see and to walk along. You will almost certainly see local birds of prey, (buzzards) hovering over the open fields looking for a meal. You can walk from the Lodge for as long or short as you please along kilometres of beautiful tracks into the forest, or the mountains, or the countryside, or through villages, or along the local river trail.

Predjama castle, a fairytale castle built into the side of a cliff and one of Slovenia's most popular toursit attractions, is just a 40 min walk through the forest on a secret path from Landol. To do this walk and see this magical castle suddenly appear through the trees, hanging from a 123m high cliff, would be a real highlight of your holiday. (see a picture of the trail, below right)
A fabulous day could also be spent walking to and up the nearby Nanos mountain, (below left) some 1,313m high, having lunch at the top, with a great view down to Landol and then relaxing here with a nice bottle of local beer by our woodburner or sitting in our sanua on your return.  

   hike around the biggest disappearing lake in europe   forest walk direct to one of slovenias top visitor destinations

We have many walks of different lengths and terrains for you to enjoy and we can also provide maps, directions and local guides to go with you, see Lili's walks below.
And due to our fantastic central location in Slovenia, we are just a short drive from so many beautiful walks in any type of terrain, so the choice is yours! We can drop you off further afield for walking or you can drive yourself there.

   hike up nanos mountain the last slovenian mountain   walk to predjama castle
You can easily hike along coastal paths in Italy, Slovenia or Croatia. There are many mountains and hills to conquer, or vineyards to wander through. Slovenia has plenty of ancient forest to explore or you might prefer to walk next to one of many crystal clear rivers or circle an Alpine lake?
And if your kit shoud get a bit wet, then leave it in our heating room overnight and you are ready for action the next day!
 Lipizzaner Lodge Hikes.. just some walks from our doorstep:
• Dragon Walk.. see the local dragon and find out how he was defeated by a local shepherd boy.
• Secret Path to Predjama Castle.. gives you a wonderful view from low down below the castle as you come out of the forest.
• St James Pilgrilm's path.. several different local sections to try.. or do all of them in a day!
• Carter's Road (Mast Road).. follow the ancient road used to transport huge logs through Landol and on to Trieste and Venice.
• River Walk.. a winding stone track takes you to the local Nanos river, where you can also swim or go further into the countryside.
• Roman Road to St Georges Church.. follow the straight road to the picturesque church under the mountain.
• Early Bird Forester Walk.. get up early to see the sun rising over the morning forest and look for animal tracks.
• Lili's Landol Walks.. choose from 4 guided walks, all from our doorstep and all sure to amaze you by what you see and learn.
• Celtic fortress.. hike up to the prehistoric hill fort overlooking Landol with a fantastic view of the whole valley.
• Nanos Walk.. take a day to hike to the mountain base, go up to 1,262m, have some lunch and be back here for a cup of tea!
• Restaurant Walk.. 4 different off road walks to our local partner restaurants to sample delicious local food.
• Postojna Caves.. several routes, but the best is along the river and then on cross country paths, all off road.
• Stairway to Heaven.. walk to the St Lawrence mountain base and hike up the steep, staircase like slope to 1,019m with amazing views.
• Neanderthal Cave.. follow the forest road, the mini Nanos river, go past an old mill, a sleeping knight and discover this very old cave.
• Hayrack Forest Walk.. go through the forest to find the large wooden hayrack with museum and cevapcici (Serbian sausage) cafe.
• Little Nut walk.. round trip through several pretty villages to Orehek (Little Nut) village with abandoned castle.
• Roman Fortress hike.. walk up through the forest to visit the remains of a huge fortress guarding the road from Ljubljana to Rome, there is a museum and great pub next door.
• Dry Top Hike.. All day walk up into the forest to the peaks of the Nanos plateau and to the highest point, Suhi Vrh (Dry Top) 1,313m, with a hidden Italian bunker.
• Secret Cave.. it's a secret so we can't tell you any more!
.. and all these are just from our front door.. the choice of walks just a few minutes to an hours drive away is quite scary!

Lili's List of Landol Local Walks
Landol is surrounded by green countrsyside and with the help of local guide, Lili, we have put together a quite fantastic list of secret local walks you can do right from our doorstep. You might not believe it until you are here to see for yourself, but you really could do a different walk each day for a whole week and right from our doorstep!

   hike with local guide near postojn cave   go for guided walk in slovenia
We have a big choice of varied walks that you can do taking 30 mins to all day, depending on your preference. You can walk directly to Slovenia's most beautiful castle, Predjama, or spend all day hiking forest trails, hike along the mini Nanos river, go up into the forests on Nanos mountain and even walk up to the highest peak at 1,313m. You can explore a Roman road and walk along endless stone track roads along the base of Nanos mountain, you can walk up through the forest to find an incredible Roman fortress or you could walk up to the next village of St Michael and explore a prehistoric settlement with amazing views over the Postojna valley. ALL this without a car.
And you choose how you do these walks, Lili can accompany you, explaining flora, fauna, history and cultural highlights along the way, or we can give you the details and you can follow the walks for yourself!
And these are just the walks you can do directly from Lipizzaner Lodge. If you hop on a bike or car there are numerous hikes available to try in the countryside, by lakes, rivers, coast, forest, mountains and along vineyards.

Here are some more pictures below of Lili's Mini Nanos river walk, which takes around 3-4 hours and follows the winding river, you walk through fields, into the forest, explore a derelict water mill, find a sleeping Knight hidden in the forest, visit a pretty village with ancient wells and return to the lodge alongside the river to Landol. All this with the magnificent Nanos mountain in the background to guide you home.
Early Bird Forest Hike with Local Forester
Introducing our new early bird morning hike for guests! Our hunter friend Slavko goes out for his 7km morning walk every morning at 6.45am and guests are very welcome to join him on this 1 -1.5 hr walk into the forest and experience a new fresh dawn in the countryside.

   early bird walk with local forester in slovenia   secret track along roman road to venice in slovenia
We went for this hike with him and he explained all about the forest, trees and wildlife during the walk. He showed us animal tracks and took us to his hunters hut. We also got a fantastic secret view of Predjama castle, that pretty much no other tourist will see! He showed us an abandoned house in the forest and we really enjoyed this morning adventure. We were perfectly set up for breakfast and another sunny day!
When we were travelling in South East Asia, we enjoyed getting up early to see the monks walking around the towns with their food bowls and this new hike is early morning, "Slovenian style". Just as refreshing and unique!
This is a great way for a tourist to meet a friendly local and have a chat and a good walk. FEE MINIMAL.. EXPERIENCE MAXIMAL..

The Green Heart Walk, Slovenia's new 22km hike
Just south of Slovenia's "disappearing lake Cerknica" (30 mins from Lipizzaner Lodge) there is a new hike for you to try out. It takes on average 6 hours and follows the shape of a heart, so the locals decided to call it the "Green Heart", you will see why they used "green" when you walk it!

The route circles a valley that is part flooded in the Winter by mysterious water that appears from sinkholes under the ground. You go through forest, visit several pretty villages, a water mill, the incredibly beautiful Sneznik (snow mountain) castle and other churches and sites to see. The terrain changes a lot during the walk but is relatively flat with only a few hills.

You enter the forests that were frequented by the legendary smuggler Martin Krpan (Kirpan), who is best described as the "Slovenian Robin Hood." Martin was so strong he carried his horse through the forest to avoid detection. The more we hear about him, the more we think that Hollywood have missed a great story here, but please, please not Kevin Costner again!!
Anyway, you have more chance to meet a bear than a smuggler nowadays, so when walking blow your whistle now and again or sing a song so our furry friends know where you are and will avoid meeting you.

We can get you a very friendly guide to accompany you on the trip and there is also a great map with pictures on if you prefer to go it alone.
This is a "must do" new walk for any keen hiker or nature lover and we hope pretty soon people will be saying, "have you done the Green Heart in Slovenia?"
Every October there are group walks along this new route and here are some pictures from our most recent hike there:

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