We have tested various riding options for our horse riding guests to enjoy and can arrange a variety of different riding days out for you exploring the Slovenian countryside on Lipizzaner, Icelandic, Quarter or Friesian horses. We can also arrange riding lessons at some nearby partner stables.

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Perfect for visiting Lipica!
We are located just 20 minutes from the original Lipizzaner stud at Lipica, a mecca for horse lovers, where you can see hundreds of these beautiful animals, take a tour through the stables and stud. There is also a classical dressage performance three times a week on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays where you can see the horses piaffing and passaging in complete harmony with the rider.

New for Kids at Lipica
Lipica have started a kids and family programme, where you go with an experienced stablehand and get close and personal to the Lipizzaners. We have negotiated a discount for our guests to enjoy this amazing opportunity!   
Each month Lipica usually host something different, check out our Events page to see what is going on!
There are lots of other options for riding and seeing horses close to the Lodge, which we can easily arrange for you. We have several riding programmes for both novice and experienced riders. Please mail us at info@lipizzanerlodge with your questions, but here is a sample of just some of the options below:

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Riding with Purebred Lipizzaners
We have a special deal with Lipica to offer a 5 day riding course for medium to experienced riders for €385. The price includes stable duties, 10 riding lessons and 6 hours of riding theory. all just 25 minutes away with plenty of time to fit in other activities.
We can organise a 1 hour hack at Lipica, experienced riders only, for €30.
Lipica also has kids' fun days, where the children can get close to Lipizzaners.
Pony Riding at Lipica for Kids
Smaller kids can also get a one to one pony riding experience with a friendly teacher to show them how to saddle up and have a little ride on a pony.
3 Day Riding experience with Icelandic Horses
You will learn how to ride Icelandic horses correctly and spend lots of time with these beautiful animals. The course is a mix of theory, horsemanship and riding.

Adventure Hacks into Slovenia's Countryside with Janez

   collecting timber in the slovenian forest   go for a horse carriage ride in slovenia
Our larger than life friend, Janez will show you some amazing secret places on horseback or carriage. These hacks can be quite fast and would suit experienced riders, but he can also take less experienced riders for a slower hack.

Lessons, Hacks and Family Visits at Local Icelandic Horse Riding School
We can book single lessons or 1-2 hour hacks for you at our local riding school, which also has a large indoor riding arena. The stables are connected to the Emperor's castle that still stands on this site and was used by the Austro Hungarian emperor for keeping his huge collection of horses. He even had a railway station built nearby so it was easier for him to travel here!
You can get there more easily from Lipizzaner Lodge by bike or car and for a very reasonable price, the whole family can be shown around the stables, meet the horses, have lunch at the restaurant and have the option of cycling in the forest afterwards.
They offer several Fun Days, a "Family Fun Package", "Kids Birhday Package" and Family Fun Day", where you get a choice of riding, cycling and food options. Just ask us for more details.

Our Own Stables & Riding School
We have completed our new stables building now and are searching for our own horses. We have plans to build an outdoor paddock and a riding school to be used by the local community and our own guests.

Secret Place to see Young Lipizzaner Stallions
There is a farm hidden away just a few KM from the main road that thousands of holiday makers use every day to go down to Croatia, yet do not know they are missing seeing young generations of Lipizzaner horses at play. Dozens of young stallions go here in their early years to grow up together and have a great time away from all the action at the main Lipica stud.
Close by is an abandoned castle, a stone carving museum and a farm with pot bellied Vietnamese pigs. All of this is in the heart of a Slovenian micro region covered in apple trees.
If you want to know where to find this place, just 20 minutes from Lipizzaner Lodge, then please ask, but you can read more about it and other fantastic hidden places on our Secret Places to Visit page. 

More Horse Piccies: to come
Western style riding competition   /   Janež demonstrating tree logging in Europe's oldest forest
Hack to Šneznik (Snow Mountain) castle   /   Carriage ride in a hay cart with wine and song

   horse riding in a lake in slovenia 
Icelandic Horse riding in one of the 17 Disappearing Lakes of Pivka
Lipizzaners return home after a day in the fields at Lipica Stud


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