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now you can see Lipizzaner Lodge on YouTube!

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We wanted to show you more of the Lodge, our fantastic location and our incredibly green and beautiful surroundings.. so we went and made a video this summer for You Tube!

Now you can see some more summer shots of Lipizzaner Lodge, our guests, our rooms, some of the animals and the fantastic Green location we found here in Slovenia for you to use as your comfy base to explore the most beautiful country in Europe!

Either look for "Lipizzaner Lodge", or go directly to the video with this link to LIPIZZANER LODGE ON YOUTUBE

We also get the opportunity in this video to tell you all about how close we are to so many amazing secret places in Green Slovenia.

And remember.. this video was shot in the middle of this summer (2019) and just look how GREEN everything is here!! 

For many years now, we have been using using the term "Green Slovenia", like a "Costa del Sol" or "Cote d'Azur" catchphrase to describe to people exactly what you can expect to get and see when you come to Slovenia. It is such a ridiculously green country, not just with a clean environment and air, but being the third most forested county in Europe you can expect to see every shade of Green you could possibly imagine here.. even some of the crystal clear rivers are different shades of green!

So it is our pleasure to take a bow and intorduce Lipizzaner Lodge and Green Slovenia to you on YouTube.. we hope you like it!!

Many thanks to local boy Anze who shot the scenes and was very patient and creative and thanks also to Thierry and his friends, who allowed us to use their amazing antique cars to show you the stunning sweeping road to the Lodge! Thierry has stayed at the Lodge several times and we are so grateful that he was here during filming and just happily jumped into his car and allowed us to film!

Thankyou also to the many Lodge guests in the film and the chef you can see in our main terrace is the famous Rihard Basa, who comes to cook one night a week for our guests in the summer.. he uses only natural ingredients grown form his own garden and forest and it is fair to say that guests love the Slovenian local food experience!

But of course the star of the show.. is Jason the cat!!

Welcome to Lipizzaner Lodge and welcome to Green Slovenia!