Great news.. we have an Astra Sports tourer (Estate/ Karavan) Diesel 1.7 CDTI that you can rent by the day for €35!

This is a great car for Slovenia as it has a bit of extra space for a couple or family and the pulling power to escort you comfortably around the quiet local roads and smooth motorways. 

So you can rent it for just one day, a few days or a whole week, depending on your needs. You can also rent the car for several seperate days during your stay, if that works better for you.

If you are renting the car the same day as arriving at Ljubljana or Trieste airport, we will pick you up in your rental car and drive you back to Lipizzaner Lodge. You only need pay for the diesel used from the Lodge to the airport and you get to sit back and enjoy the view after your flight! 

The price includes the Vignette (motorway toll sticker), full comprehensive insurance and we also have child booster seats to use for free.

Airport Car Rental Firms

If you rent a car in Slovenia, the Vignette will be included, if you rent a car outside Slovenia, then PLEASE read our VIGNETTE section below!

We did some research into car rental firms and noticed they operate in different ways. For example, some will charge higher prices in peak Summer time, some are better value for longer periods of rental, but worse for shorter periods. Most charge you extra, (on top of the internet price), about 2 Euros a day for the Vignette, (a vignette costs €110 per year... You do the maths!)

But in general, the car rental firms in Slovenia are good value and professional, so our advice is to SHOP AROUND and check out several companies for the best deal for you. For the moment we recommend Budget car hire at Ljubljana airport, they have always provided us with a clean and cost effective car. Here is their link for booking

Also something to think about is that it might not be the best idea to use the car hire provider recommended by your airline, as you might be at the back of a long queue when you get off the plane! At Ljubljana airport and Trieste, there are at lots of car hire companies.

Transit Services

There is a really great Slovenian minibus company called GoOpti that principally picks up from all the local airports and stations and transports you into Slovenia. The more flexible your travel plans, the cheaper the price. Check out their website, we haven't heard a bad word about them from our guests, so highly recommend them.. Go Opti  And remember if you arrive at Postojna train or bus station we can pick you up for free, as long as you ask us in advance!


To drive on the Slovenian motorways you MUST HAVE a VIGNETTE. You can buy them for periods of one week (€15), one month (€30) and one year (€110). The fines are up to €800, which will buy a lot of ice creams. Here is the Vignette website. We think this is an absolute bargain for driving on Slovenia's excellent motorway network.

You buy a vignette sticker just before the border for Slovenia, or when entering the country at a motorway service station or petrol station. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE IN SLOVENIA TO BUY ONE. When you have stuck your vignette on the windscreen you do not need to stop at the fast disappearing "Vignette" Toll stations on the motorways, but please slow down if you go through one. Most have been dismantled, so it is more likely you would be flagged down by a policeman or official in bright yellow jacket to stop and check when leaving the motorway. 

Radio SI

We listen to Radio SI, (Slovenia International) all the time. They play a collection of Sting records that you have never heard of, cool 80's classics & the latest hits. More importantly, they very kindly give you regular news bulletins and traffic news in English and German, groovy when you are on the road! You can catch Radio SI on 107.7 here is their website Radio SI

We also love our local station for Postojna, called Radio 94 and we found a great new kid on the block recently, called Radio Robin.

Motorway Driving

The motorways are modern and really easy to drive on, but one tip we would draw your attention to is the exit slip roads are shorter than in many countries, so please take care when leaving the motorway. Also when you are passing the excellent motorway services/petrol stations or junctions, the vehicles joining the motorway don't have much space and time to get on, so please take care and move out if possible!

Parking Tips

You can usually park for free with minimum effort in Slovenia, but parking charges are cheap in any case. It is worth knowing the difference between white and blue parking boxes. White ones are completely free. For the blue ones you get free parking (for usually an hour), but you must go to the parking meter and press "free ticket" then "print ticket" (they're usually in English and German) and display the ticket in your car. If you don't display you might get a fine. 50 cents will often buy you at least an hour in any case!

For the more popular tourist destinations, the authorities are starting to cotton on to the parking charges goldmine and you have to pay lots of Euros for between 1hr - full day at Lake Bled, for example, which is a bit naughty, as pretty much everyone stays longer than an hour at Bled and you can't buy a ticket for say just 3 hours.

Worry not, you just have to park another 50 metres further down in another car park and the cost is less for the day! More good news is that the vast majority of the places you visit in Slovenia will have free parking.


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