We have two international airports really close to the Lodge, being Ljubljana in Slovenia (50 mins) and Trieste in Italy (45 mins). Maribor airport in North Slovenia is also only 100 mins away!.

Breaking News: Trieste airport has had a major infrastructure overhaul.. The closest international airport to the Lodge has built massive car parks, a train station (so now you could go directly into Trieste by train), bus station and lovely shiny escalators everywhere! They are clearly looking ahead and see themselves, quite rightly as a major route into Green Slovenia. We wouldn't be surprised if lots more connections & flights appear, so watch this space and congratulations to Trieste airport!

    canal front in trieste near slovenia    the amazing tram that takes you don to trieste from opcina

Other breaking Flight News: British Airways are now flying in the summer direct from Heathrow to LJUBLJANA in the summer and Pula in Istria, Croatia (105 mins) AND EasyJet are doing 2 flights a day from (London) Stanstead to Ljubljana AND EasyJet have started a new service from (London) Gatwick to Ljubljana.. the world is waking up to the beauty of Slovenia.  

Due to excellent motorway connections and our central position, there are lots of other larger airport options. Depending on where you are flying from and which airline can give you the best price, these other airports may be a better option.

Venice in Italy is only 1 hr 50 mins / Treviso, also in Italy, is just less than 2 hours. Zagreb in Croatia is just less than 2 hours and has many direct flights to major cities, including Heathrow T1. Klagenfurt in Austria and Rijeka in Croatia are just over 90 mins from Lipizzaner Lodge!

There are new connections opening all the time, particularly to Venice, so it's worth checking your local airport to all these connections we mention before you book, but we are also very happy to help you find the best flight option or connection. Please just e-mail us your home city and dates for travel to Info@lipizzanerlodge.com and we can suggest the best current option. We can also pick you up from any of these airports below and if you are renting a car, we can recommend some nice places to stop off on your journey here.

Airport Pick Ups
We charge you the lowest possible price we can for your pick up. This is the cost of fuel plus €20 per driver hour, (so for example, Ljubljana airport is about 1 hour to the airport and 1 hour driving you back = 2 hours, so the cost each way would be €40 + fuel €15 = €55 ). There are lots of airports to choose from, so please check our pick up price with us at info@lipizzanerlodge.com and book your pickup in advance when you know your flight details.

And if there is a group of you or you have a lot of luggage then we can recommend a really good local minibus service and get you a quote depending on where you are coming from.. Please just ask!

Here is a list of cities you can fly from to get to Lipizzaner Lodge. 

To Ljubljana (Slovenia) 50 mins

The main Airline flying to Ljubljana is Adria Air (Slovene national airline).. if there is another airline option, we put + "Airline name" and a direct link to their website.

Amsterdam / Belgrade / Brussels / Adria & Wizzair / Copenhagen / Frankfurt / Helsinki + Finnair / Istanbul Adria & Turkish Airlines / (London) Heathrow + British Airways (London) Gatwick + Easyjet / (London) Luton + Wizzair / (London) Stansted + Easyjet / Manchester / Moscow / Munich / Paris CDG Adria & Air France / Pristina / Sarajevo / Skopje / Split / Tel Aviv / Tirana / Vienna / Zurich 

To Trieste (Italy) 45 mins

Barcelona + Ryanair / Birmingham + Ryanair / Duesseldorf + Ryanair / (London) Stansted + Ryanair / Milan + Alitalia / Munich + Lufthansa / Mostar + Mistralair / Naples + Alitalia / Rome + Alitalia / Tirana + Belleair / Valencia + Ryanair

(The Italian motorway toll is only a couple of Euros from Trieste, you can avoid this by taking the main road through Trieste, which is prettier, but of course longer) 

To Maribor (Slovenia) 100 mins

You can fly to Maribor from (London) Southend with Adria Air (the Slovene national airline) 

To Zagreb (Croatia) 1hr 50 mins

Croatia Airlines flies to Zagreb from Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London Gatwick & Heathrow, Munich, Pristina, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zurich

Bologna + TAP Air Portugal/ Berlin + Lufthansa / Cologne + German Wings / Frankfurt +Lufthansa / Istanbul + Turkish Airlines / Lisbon + TAP Air Portugal / (London) Heathrow + British Airways Gatwick + Easyjet / Munich + Lufthansa / Lisbon + Tap Air Portugal / Moscow + Aeroflot / Paris CDG Air France / Stuttgart + German Wings / Tel AvivEl Al Airlines

(You will need to show your passport, or ID card to cross the Slovene/Croatian border and Croatian motorways have "pay as you drive "tolls.)

To Venice / Marco Polo (Italy) 1hr 50 mins

Many more destinations fly to Venice airport, here are a just a few of the cities, Edinburgh, London Gatwick & Heathrow, Newcastle // Aalborg, Berlin, Bordeaux, Dublin, Glasgow, Luxembourg, Madrid, Nice, Oslo, Stockholm, Toulouse.

(The Italian motorway toll from Venice to Trieste is a little over 10 Euros, the roads are mainly straight and in very good condition)  

To Venice / Treviso (Italy) 1hr 55 mins

You can fly to Treviso from Bristol, East Midlands, Leeds, (London) Stansted // Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bremen, Dublin, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Oslo, Prague, Warsaw.

(The Italian motorway toll from Treviso to Trieste is a little over 10 Euros, the roads are mainly straight and in very good condition)  

To Klagenfurt (Austria) 1hr 45 mins

You can fly to Klagenfurt from (London) Stansted with Ryanair or from Cologne/Bonn with German Wings

To Rijeka (Croatia) 1hr 30 mins

You can fly to Rijeka from (London) City & Heathrow & Stansted // Berlin, Bern, Bratislava, Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Innsbrueck, Moscow, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Vilnius, Talin, Zagreb.

(You will need to show your passport, or ID card to cross the Slovene/Croatian border and Croatian motorways have "pay as you drive "tolls.)

To Pula (Croatia) 1hr 45 mins

You can fly to Pula from (London) Heathrow with British Airways.

(You will need to show your passport, or ID card to cross the Slovene/Croatian border and Croatian motorways have "pay as you drive "tolls.)

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