To drive or not to drive.. that is the question..
You don't necessarily need a car to have weeks of fun in the heart of the Slovenian countryside. We are talking from experience, as we already had many couples and families who have tried this out and had a great time without a car!

The message is getting out there and more of our guests are coming without a car, maybe renting one for a few days or even arriving by car, but hiking most days from the Lodge!

We are absolutely surrounded by different types of hiking possibilities here.. one lovely German couple came for a week and went hiking every single day.. only for a few of those days did they even drive a few km with their car to start a hike nearby and that was only when we persuaded them places like local Rakov Skocjan were so unbelievably beautiful, that they just couldn't afford to miss hiking them!

    hiking in green slovenia    hiking in rakov skocjan

OK, the logistics first.. If you arrive at Postojna bus or train stations, (just 8km from Lipizzaner Lodge), we will pick you up for free. We can also pick you up from the airports or Ljubljana train station, (you have to pay a fee for longer pick ups and drop offs, of course), but the point is.. you can get to the heart of the Slovenian countryside without your own car!

New local bus service for the Green Karst:

The local regional agency Green Karst are working really hard to find an option for visitors who want to see some of the lesser known sights in our local area and not use their own car. Last year they offered a hop on hop off minibus service.. but you guys just didn't want to use it??!! 

(Having travelled around the world ourselves, we know the incredible value and adventure of taking local transport & guides, but we noticed here in Slovenia, guests just don't want to do this? It mystifies us, we think maybe people are just too scared of the "cost" to take a local guide, but listen up.. local guides are not that expensive in Green Slovenia!)

    prem castle, an undiscovered gem of green slovenia    the 17 disappearing lakes of pivka in slovenia

Anyway, this year the Green Karst decided to use the same minibus, but bookable for advance daytrips for couples, families or small groups. You will get like a private tour around the secret local sights, such as Prem castle, the amazing museum of 17 Disappearing lakes, the Karst museum in Postojna and the Museum of Slovenian Independence and a few tanks in Pivka.

THIS WILL BE SENSATIONAL VALUE, so please consider it!! There are hikes from all of the places on the itinerary as well.

(Remember, you don't need a lift to the most visited cave in Europe at Postojna or the most unique castle in the world at Predjama, cos you can walk directly to both of these from the Lodge)!

Landol is surrounded by endless stony tracks in every direction. From our front door, you can go for a different walk every day of the week. There are routes into the forest, to the river, into the countryside and up into the mountains. We have put the legwork in ourselves together with local people and guides to explore these routes, which would otherwise be completely hidden from visitors. You can see a fantastic list of walks directly from our doorstep on our Hiking page.

What is more, we have several different routes to walk or bike to the nearby fairy tale Predjama castle, one of Slovenia's top tourist destinations. The real beauty of these secret and quiet routes for our guests is that you will see so, so, so much more than 99.9% of the other tourists, who rock up in buses and cars, take quick pictures and go, without knowing what they have really missed!

These Predjama castle routes are so secret that most people in the local town of Postojna do not even know about them! Landol is positioned perfectly for these walks and you get to see several distant and panoramic views of this amazing castle from the forest on the way there. Then, wow, the routes suddenly bring you out underneath the castle, so you see it hanging off the cliff in all it's majesty.

    predjama castle slovenia    hike to predjama castle

There are also 2 different routes you can walk to get to the Postojna cave. One is more forest based, the other flatter and more countryside, but both routes are absolutely stunning and you can be sure pretty much no other visitor to the cave that day will have had such a lovely nature walk there!

And if that wasn't enough, Landol also sits on the the old Roman road that later became an even more important carters road for transporting huge timbers all the way from the Slovenian forests to Venice. (Yep, the most famous island city in the world was built upon Slovenian wood). There are some really great routes to explore along this old road, some sections are now tarmac road, some are forest tracks, many are stone tracks and a small section has been returned to grass.. But don't worry, we know exactly where to find them all!

And if all these routes were not enough, there is even more hiking available! Would you believe it, we are also on a link of the St James pilgrim road from Zagreb to Spain! You can walk along this secretly marked route following yellow arrows along the same path that has been traversed for centuries from Predjama castle all the way to the foot of our local Nanos mountain, or combine smaller sections of this route with other walks.

You can mix & match the routes for longer or shorter, easy or more difficult hikes. We are confident we have a special route for everyone.

    river at planina    little bridge, rakov skocjan

From the balconies of Lipizzaner Lodge, you can see we are surrounded by mountains and you can walk up at least 7 of those you can see, each one between 1,019 and 1,798 metres high. Every peak offers unique hiking and different vistas. You can easily walk or cycle to some of these and for the others, we can drop you off at the mountain base for your day's hike.

Slightly further afield, you have pretty much every hiking choice available in Europe, whether it be larger mountains, lakes, rivers, hilltop villages, pretty cities, vineyards, coast, forest or valleys. Please see our Daytrips page for more info of what terrain is available here.

Free bus in the summer from Postojna cave to Predjama castle:

And there is a free bus that goes between the Postojna cave and Predjama castle in the summer for people who are visiting them that day.. So it is perfectly possible to walk to the cave after breakfast, visit the cave, then hop on the free bus to Predjama castle, visit the castle and walk back on the secret forest trail to the Lodge in time for tea.. wow what a day!


For Biking, please just read our hiking section above, cos ALL of these amazing tracks and routes are also waiting for you to explore on two wheels! We have some great Slovenian-made mountain bikes that handle like tractors on 2 wheels and are perfect for the different terrain, including the numerous off road stone tracks, that you will encounter here

With a bike you can go much further than on two legs, so even more options are available to you.. maybe think about a day at one of the numerous disappearing lakes, a further cave such as Planina, or maybe a trip to the uberstunning Rakov Skocjan! We never get tired of seeing the smiles on families faces when they return together from a biking adventure. You choose how long you want to cycle for and what kind of terrain and then off you go!

    hanna on bike    local bike rides at lipizzaner lodge

There are so many really excellent routes further away as well. You can take rental bikes and be dropped off for a day's cycling, or you can rent bikes at your destination for the day. We have several different specialist biking guides who can take you into the mountains, around the lakes or into the forests.

Please check out our Bikes page for even more info and you should also seriously consider trying electric biking in the neighbouring Vipava valley!

Other Activities

All our other activities, including horse riding, paragliding, wine visits and lots of other stuff are available to you. Please find out more in our Activities section.


We will drop you off at Postojna train station in the morning and pick you in the evening for free. Slovenian trains are modern and usually quite empty. The tree lined countryside routes, through tunnels and past mountains are like an extra bonus Slovenian tour for you!

A one hour train ride drops you off in Ljubljana for shopping, enjoying the riverside and finding a nice cafe or restaurant, (please see our Secret Places to Visit for some extra secret tips on what to do in Ljubljana). Just half an hour longer, in the other direction, you could reach the Croatian coast and spend the day in the port city of Rijeka, for example, visiting the wonderful sea front markets and having some delicious seafood.

    day out in ljubljana    wine tasting in slovenia

You would have to pay a little extra to be dropped off at Trieste train station, but, wow, you could, yes, you really could, take the train to Venice from Trieste for the day! Trieste station is a 35 minute drop off from here and the train takes you directly to the main island of Venice where you have plenty of time for lunch, sightseeing and an ice cream, before returning home in the evening!

When we were travelling around the world, we had some terrific propeller plane flights to see some local sights from the air, so we have also arranged 4 different guest flights at our local airport, (just 20 minutes away, so we would also drop you here for free).

For very reasonable prices indeed, you can fly, not so high, above the Slovenian Alps to visit Lake Bled for the day, go down to the Croatian coast for the day, or take a shorter flight, called the "Lipizzaner Lodge Hop" as you fly alongside Nanos mountain, see the Lodge and Predjama castle from the air and then return to Slovenia's oldest airfield for stories about the Italian Red Baron!

And last, but not least, you could have a VIP champagne flight to Venice for the day. You would fly down the Italian coast, circle the main island, land at the old Venice island airport, which is opposite St Marks, take a water taxi over to the main island for some sightseeing and then fly home. This is unbelievable value at €399 for 3 people, in your own 3 seater plane!

Guided Daytrips
All the options on our Daytrips page are open to you. All destinations are available as part of a guided day trip, so you just jump in the car or minibus and relax for the day. Our guides will show you some fantastic secret places.

    hammocks in the garden    garden at lipizzaner lodge

And you don't have to go whizzing around every day. We have plenty of places and ideas to help you do much ado about nothing at the Lodge. Our aim is to be your home from home, so you will find bookshelves filled with good reads, chess sets brought from all around the world and maybe even on your twelfth night, you could watch one of our 900 movies to borrow! Every year we build a new terrace in our garden and aim to have more terraces than rooms!

We have a massage room, Finnish sauna, cafe and cinema room for your relaxation and balconies & terraces available all over the place to hide from the sunshine or to enjoy it!

Eating Options

We offer a 3 course home cooked evening meal each day with glass of local wine for €20 per person, kids portions half price. So you can do half board every day if you like.

But there are also 5 or 6 very local restaurants offering a real variety of choice that we recommend you go visit and if you don't have a car, we will drop you off at any of them and pick you up for free. (All are within 5 - 10 minutes by car). 

Walk or Cycle to the Local Restaurant
Even better, you can build your day's activity around your main meal of the day by hiking or biking along some of our special paths, avoiding the main road, to your choice of these local restaurants!

And after the meal, all's well that ends well.. for hikers, we can pick you up afterwards, if don't want to walk back or it will be too dark. For cyclists, we give you a "reduced restaurant rate" to borrow a bike and directions along these stunning stony tracks & quiet country roads to your restaurant of choice.

    home made slovenian bread    nice soup in slovenia

Rent a car by the day
And so far, you haven't even gotten yourself behind a steering wheel! There are some trips that you might prefer to have the independence of your own car for. So if you do want to rent a car for a day, a couple of days, or more, then you have the option here to rent a car by the day.  Maybe you want to whizz down to the coast for a day or visit a lake in the Alps on your own?

There will be no comedy of errors waiting in queues for your car at the airport, no extra charge for the vignette sticker, free child seats and comprehensive insurance are all included in the price.. Simple, we have our own rent a car by the day Astra 1.7 CDTi Sports tourer (estate / karavan) available, first come first served, for €35 a day.

Airport Pick Ups
Here is our charging structure for longer Pick ups and Drop offs, we try to be fair and transparent.

We charge you the lowest possible price we can for your pick up. This is the cost of fuel plus €20 per driver hour, (so for example, Ljubljana airport is approx 1 hour to the airport and 1 hour driving you back = 2 hours, so the cost each way would be €40 + fuel €15 = €55 ). There are lots of airports to choose from, so please check our pick up price with us at

And we can also recommend some excellent minibus operators who specialise in airport shuttles or more complex trips.. the trick is to plan and book ahead!


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