Congratulations, you have found our secret page.. don't you just think every website should have a secret place?! 

Now you have found this page, you will have a better chance to find some of the secrets at Lipizzaner Lodge! Indeedadoodledo, there are lots of things and places hidden away at Lipizzaner Lodge to entertain kids and big kids!


Good deeds are always rewarded at Lipizzaner Lodge.. usually with a lollipop! For example, kids can earn a lollipop for successfully completing our "Slovenia" jigsaw (puzzle) and pointing out where Postojna is on the map, (this is educational, mum & dad)!, but the same reward applies for the "Where's Wally" puzzles.

We also have some secret "birdholes" hidden around the lodge with little secrets held in them.. we never tell anyone where they are, but are absolutely delighted when they are found! The same goes for our secret Pirates' map.

We also have several boxes of lego in our kids' section and are very often surprised at the imaginations of our younger guests as they create houses with swimming pools, spaceships and every kind of vehicle! (Of course, every new lego creation is rewarded with a lollipop)!

You can also get a lollipop if you beat the high score on one of our two Arcade Space Invaders / Pacman machines in the lobby.. we have had a few "older" kids try and mostly fail to get some of the more difficult records. 

    lego for lollipops in slovenia    fantastic lego creations from little lipizzaner lodge guests

Some kids have gotten a lollipop for singing us a song, drawing a picture, demonstrating acrobatic excellence, piling 12 stones on top of each other and sometimes for just having a jolly good try or being nice!

We have lots and lots of kids books, comics and games as well and we also have magic tricks for you to learn and guess what you get if you show us a successful trick? Yes a white rabbit, ok, you really get a lollipop.

Important notice on Lollipops: Please eat your lollipop responsibly, they are really bad for your teeth, but hey, afterall, you are on holiday, so please just ask your parent or guardian before you eat your yummy lollipop.


There are surprises outdoors at the Lodge as well. Do try to find our secret terrace with Giant's bench.. this is where local giant's like to rest in peace & quiet when they come down from the mountain.

We also have plans to build an Owlery for retired Owls and aspiring Owlets, please ask a member of staff for more details. Additionally, we will also build a secret cabin where little people can hang out and watch across the field to the Lipizzaners.

Oh yes, we also have an area hidden in our little forest where we have 2 hammocks and older big kids will very probably like this place as it is a cool place to chill out in the hot summer. If you can find it you are very welcome to chill out there.

And if you are lucky enough to come in the winter and there is snow then you can also play one of our favourite winter games.. Spot the Lipizzaner! Can you spot the Lipizzaner in the photo below??

   play spot the lipizzaner in the snow at lipizaner lodge!    local dragon close to lipizzaner lodge in slovenia

Perhaps our most ambitious project to date is to have a secret bedroom for the new Stable One apartment we will have ready for the summer of 2019. Oh yesadoodledo, this apartment has a secret door next to the bathroom, where kids can go up a secret staircase to their own bedroom. Wow! I guess we have to make it quite easy to find, or else the kids will have to sleep on the floor!!

And last but not least, did you know that Slovenia is the only place in Europe (apart from Wales) where you can find real dragons? Boring old adults call them "human fish" or "proteus", but everyone knows they are really baby dragons.. but not so many other people know that they can live for over 100 years and even fewer people know that every hundred years.. one.. yes one baby dragon.. turns into a real dragon!

And if you don't believe us then just visit some of the massive local caves and you will see baby dragons for yourself and then you can make your own mind up! 

One thing is for sure, some of the caves you will see in Green Slovenia are big enough to hide a dragon.

You can also walk about 900 metres from the Lodge to the next village of St Michael, (see photo above right) to find a 3 metre high dragon and the local hero Jakob, who killed the last evil dragon from the Postojna cave.

More secrets.. At night you can see across the fields and hills to the local Nanos mountain and.. if you are lucky.. you will see the scary red eye of the Nanos dragon!

Whatever you do, don't let the cat out of the bag about all these secrets!!

    poppet sitting on chair    jason the cat hiding in a bag

There are many other local Slovenian legends to hear and find out about at the Lodge.. maybe you will find some of the birdholes where these stories are hidden.. we look forward to your visit!

Oh yes and one last thing.. did we mention already to be sure to ask the permission of the person who buys the toothpaste before you eat your lollipop!!!

Oh yes and one more last thing! There is another page on this website designed especially for our younger guests, it's our FUN PAGE .. we hope you like it!


Address: Landol 17, Postojna 6230, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5620 3443
Mobile: +386 40 47 0239  or  +386 40 37 8037

You can e-mail or phone us in English, en français, auf Deutsch, suomeksi, in italiano, på svenska or v slovenščini!
(We will reply to every inquiry within 24 hours).