When designing Lipizzaner Lodge, it was important for us to include lots of places for guests to spend time relaxing outside of your room.
These are spaces where you can really relax and feel comfortable at home in your holiday downtime, maybe taste a bit of luxury or just have a bit of fun!
We used some of the ideas we got from our own trip around the world in 2005-06, when we stayed in so many different kinds of accommodation.

Cafe / Reception

Downstairs we have a café with "seating for eating" & coffee bar with plenty of seating and bar stools. This is the heart and soul of Lipizzaner Lodge. There is also a cosy wood burner for crisp evenings and comfy chairs to relax next to the fire after a good day out. We offer an all day café service and serve speciality coffees from around the world, (freshly roasted by our friends the Escobars in Slovenia), English tea and lots of other stuff.
We have separate ladies/wheelchair access and gents toilet facilities next to the café.
Cinema Room

Next to the café we have a cinema room where up to 6 people can watch one of our over 1,000 movies for free on the biggest cinema screen in Landol! (You can also borrow films to watch in the comfort of your own room on your DVD player). The cinema room is also used for breakfast in the mornings and guests are very welcome to chill out here anytime during the day with a coffee or a good book.

We also have a TV set up here for important football matches.. we must have gotten at least 15 men, women and children from several different countries in the world into this cosy room for the Euro 2016 final! We also use the cinema room for small meetings and for language training.

Last but not least, we also display part of our collection of chess sets from around the world, (collected on our travels) in the cinema room and guests are invited to have a game with your set and country of choice!

We also do outdoor cinema in the summer when the conditions are perfect to sit outside and enjoy a film. Kids and big Kids love it! Grab a bowl of popcorn and a blanket and watch your movie come to life beamed onto the back of the Lodge! 

In the Lobby        

For kids and "big kids" we also have a retro space invaders machine playing 60 classic arcade games from the 1980's, including Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Galaxian! (If you get a new high score you get a free beer, or a lollipop, (chupa chups) depending on age!) This machine is a firm favourite with Lodge guests, particularly the smaller ones.


In the first floor lobby we have another of the pride and joys of Lipizzaner Lodge.. our handmade wooden library. The bookcases are stuffed with books you might like to read on holiday. We have crime, fiction, sports and collections of Clive Cusslers, Jo Nesbo, James Patterson, Game of Thrones and many, many horse books. We also have lots of books you can borrow on nature to help you identify the birds, trees, plants and even night time stars you will see in this special part of the world.

We have kids books, Star Wars magazines, all the Harry Potters, lego and other games to keep the little ones entertained. Most of our stuff is in English, but we have lots of other languages covered in our growing collection.

Finnish Sauna

Our traditional Finnish sauna has a private changing room and a luxury shower room attached.
This means you can have a real Finnish experience, by steaming in the sauna, then sitting on a wooden bench drinking a cold beer, then taking as cold a shower as you can and then repeating the whole process again & again! Now that really gets your blood pumping, just like a real Finn!

Enjoy a traditional holistic (Swedish) massage or soothe that ache or pain away with a sports massage. You are in good hands, we are both ITEC qualified massage therapists.
We can also perform Hopi Candle treatment and other therapies. A local beautician is also available for facials and manicure.

Other Spaces to sit and relax

There are plenty of other places for you to make yourself at home, both inside and outside. We have a special guest balcony on the first floor, where you can sit outside, high up and in the shade. Outside we have lots of seating and relaxing options on our café terrace and during the summer, many people have their breakfast and evening meals outside.

Additionally we have two outside terraces at the end of the garden with fantastic views of Nanos mountain, the roman road out to St Georges church and our horses in their paddock or in the fields. We have hammocks, easy chairs and wooden tables to make you feel at home.... and every year we add new things and places to help you enjoy this lovely spot.

Email: info@lipizzanerlodge.com

Address: Landol 17, Postojna 6230, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5620 3443
Mobile: +386 40 47 0239  or  +386 40 37 8037

You can e-mail or phone us in English, en français, auf Deutsch, suomeksi, in italiano, på svenska or v slovenščini!
(We will reply to every inquiry within 24 hours).