At Lipizzaner Lodge every day of your holiday can be like a Saturday or a Sunday! By this we mean that as everything is so close to the Lodge, each morning you can easily choose how you will spend your time, relaxing, doing fun activities, or mixing the two for the perfect day. This is how we discovered the new word "Relaxtivity"

   many bike tracks all over slovenia   bike ride to predjama castle

Be Active
You will be pleasantly surprised by how many day or half day activities we can suggest for you to explore Slovenia by foot, bike, horse or car. We have lots of ideas for guided & accompanied daytrips and as we get to know you better, we will often suggest an idea for a trip that you might not have known or thought about, mostly we just give you the essential info and tips and off you go on your own! Some guests like a mix of both, one day self drive, maybe the next day off exploring with a local guide.

There is a wonderful and massive network of country tracks surrounding our village of Landol for you to hike, run or ride along. Some of these stony paths go into the forest, another follows a winding river and the rest go into stunning farmland or up to the impressive local Nanos mountain. There is even a direct forest stone track route which takes just a 40 minute walk from our front door to the enchanting Predjama castle, one of Slovenia and Europes's top tourist destinations!

Right now, you might not truly believe the amount of different activities you can do in Green Slovenia, Europes biggest Nature Park, but the choice really is quite unique, with pretty much anything you want to do on offer! This is all made possible by the small distances between places and the incredibly different geography & micro climates in this tiny country, best described and imagined as a little Switzerland with a little coast.

   so many shades of green in one country slovenia   go down a mine in slovenia
Visit an amazing cave in the morning, dip your toes in either the Italian, Slovene or Croatian sea in the afternoon and be back with us to watch the sun set behind Nanos mountain for a nice glass of Slovenian wine and relaxing evening meal! The next day can be completely different: Why not pop to lovely Ljubljana on the train or take the tram to Trieste for some sightseeing and shopping, visit the city castle, have a meal by the river or coast and be home for a movie and some popcorn in our cinema room!

Every next day can be completely different again and again! You could walk up a mountain, visit a waterfall, swim in a lake, but always have a great choice of local food at a local restaurant on the way home. The list goes on and on and on.. You get the idea now!

We have created some special pages to help you get more of an idea about some of the things you could do or places you could visit before you arrive. Our Daytrips page will help you get an overview of our local area.. Green Slovenia, Istria, north Italy and west Croatia.

Even reading our daytrips page, you still might not believe you could really do something completely different every day, visiting caves, castles, mountains, vineyards, natural spas, lakes, forests, the coasts of Italy, Slovenia or Croatia, the cities of Ljubljana, Trieste or Venice, little towns, Roman towns, fortress towns, ancient settlements, islands, pretty villages and so much more..

And last but not least, why not take a walk up our local 1,313m Nanos mountain, and enjoy the stunning views to the coast of Italy, the Italian Dolomites, Venice and across to Croatia.

   have a catnap in slovenia   relaxtivity in slovenia

To Relax
We have plenty of options for relaxing downtime after your day's activities. You are also most welcome, of course, to spend the whole day at the Lodge relaxing and enjoying our facilites in the countryside. More and more guests are doing this and we are trying to create a relaxed park atmosphere in our large back garden.

Enjoy a traditional Holistic (Swedish) massage or soothe that ache or pain with a Sports Massage. We are both ITEC qualified massage therapists. A local beautician is also available for facials and manicure.

Our traditional Finnish sauna is located in the RELAXROOF, with private changing room and luxury shower annex. We have had many happy Finns try our sauna and all have confirmed this is worthy of the name "Finnish Sauna"!

Cinema Room
We have an enormous selection of DVD films to borrow and watch on the big screen in our very own cinema room, or if you prefer to watch a movie in your room, you have your own DVD player and a 32" LED screen on your bedroom wall.

The clock is permanently set at 4PM at Lipizzaner Lodge. Why? Well it is always a good time for a cup of tea here, of course! Our cafe is the heart & soul of the hotel, with "seating for eating", a cosy woodburner, with coffee, wine & English tea served all day. You can read your book here, sip a glass of local Slovene wine and this is also where we serve breakfast and our home cooked 3 course evening meal each day, (but please let us know in advance if you would like to book a meal).

We have balconies, terraces and places to sit and enjoy the amazing view of Nanos mountain and the other surrounding mountains & forests. You could play chess on one of our 30 different world chess sets or borrow a book from our bookshelves, (we have several languages available in our collection). 

   slovenias national cake, the bled cream slice   welsh cakes in slovenia

Local Specialities
We aim to give you the opportunity to try as much of the best local food & drink either at the Lodge or other local venues, but we will try to go further and source as many as possible of our supplies from our own village.

We have a lovely neighbour who brings us juicy home grown tomatoes as big as your hand and several other neighbours who supply us with fruit and vegetables. Much of the local herbs and garlic are also grown in the fields around Landol. We have also planted our own fruit trees and bushes for the future.

There is only a certain amount of crem schnittas (the lovely local cake in the picture) that you can eat in one holiday! So you will also be offered international dishes and that very rare commodity... a good "cuppa" English tea abroad, lovely! (We have a choice of PG Tips or Tetley) But of course we also offer other excellent local herbal teas.

We get all our house coffee freshly roasted in Slovenia by a lovely man from Honduras! He knows exactly where his beans come from and the fincas he sources them from, so we can offer speciality coffees from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Brazil and of course Honduras.

Our wines come directly from our own wine partners in Slovenia's 7 different wine regions. This way we can give you a taste of the incredible variety of wines available here and the extra special option to go and visit any of these vineyards to meet the wine producers and see the beautiful locations where your wine is grown.     

You really don't come to Slovenia to watch TV, but in your downtime you will be relieved to know that we have "WiFi all areas" and TV channels from Slovenia, Croatia, France, Italy, Germany, BBC world and CNN. Sports fans need not miss important games and footy fans will be delighted to know that our sports channels show all the best Spanish, Italian and English Premiership games, including 3pm kick offs! Big games are shown for all in our cinema room.

All kids (and big kids) will also be delighted to know we have two 1980's video arcade games machines that play 60 and 680 classic arcade games, such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Pinball, Space Invaders, Galaxian and the house favourite, Moon Cresta.

That little bit extra
Having travelled the world for one whole year and stayed in many good and some not so good places, we are dedicated to providing our guests with that little bit extra to help make your stay memorable and enjoyable.

You will find lots of quirky little creature comforts and some surprises around the Lodge to help make your stay interesting and fun!


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You can e-mail or phone us in English, en français, auf Deutsch, suomeksi, in italiano, på svenska or v slovenščini!
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